We can conduct a post-implementation review in connection within a benefits realisation management framework, or on its own - it depends on what you want to get from the review.  Post-implementation reviews are especially important for Information Management projects, as experience shows that these projects often fail to deliver their potential at first- a process of review and improvement is needed to refine solutions, usually over many months, to maximise their benefit.

In either case, we start by establishing the objectives and targets of the project under review.  Sometimes we find these are clearly documented, and sometimes we have to undertake some detective work - or "reverse engineering" - to deduce them.

We then review the project, taking into account the extent to which the objectives and targetshave been met, and also the conduct of the project. 

Importantly, the result of our reviews will contain practical guidance on how to make improvements, both to the project's deliverables (usually a software solution) and to the conduct of future projects.  Unless of course no improvements are possible because everything is perfect...