If you want advice about electronic document management, electronic records management or electronic document and records management (EDM, ERM, EDRM respectively) there is no consultancy better qualified. Our people have advised clients on these subjects for years, in central government, in local government, and in the private sector. And our Director Marc Fresko was responsible for two of the key international standards in the field, MoReq and its successor MoReq2 - as well making significant contributions to their predecessors, the PRO (now TNA) standards in the UK.  Inforesight now plays an important role in the MoReq2 Governance Board.

MoReq2 addresses the specification of system capabilities. There is more to EDRM than just this - much more - but it nonetheless provides an important base. MoReq2 is now accepted as the de facto standard all across Europe; it is being translated into several languages, and all the leading solution providers have MoReq2 upgrade projects in place.

You can download MoReq2 from our website - click here.

We are also proud to sponsor and maintain the MoReq Collateral Website, a unique source of materials supporting MoReq2, drawn from all over the world.

The DLM Forum - originator of the MoReq specifications - is currently undertaking the MoReq2010 project.  See our MoReq Collateral Website for details.

So let us know if you have any questions about EDM, ERM, EDRM or about the application of MoReq2 and related standards such as US DOD 5015.2.

MoReq and MoReq2