If you are embarking on an Information Management project, you need to know what information you already hold, where it is, and what its characteristics are. You may already know some of this - but the chances are that you don't know enough.  You really need to know about your existing information - how much there is, how it is organised, how accurate it is and so on - before implementing any solution to improve its management.

Inforesight consultants have a wealth of experience in advising on, planning, and conducting information audits (also called information surveys, records audits, and records surveys). They know the realities of audits - how to get staff to respond, how best to organise the survey, and how to analyse and present the findings. Crucially, they know not to launch an audit until there is complete clarity about how much information will be gathered, at what level of detail; and how the results will be used.  In addition to experience, they have access to a selection of tools that are often used during information audits.  So please contact Inforesight if you need help either in designing and organising an information audit, or in carrying it out.


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