We provide independent, quality, consultancy on almost any aspect of Information Management.

This includes:

Project-related support: the "traditional" project lifecycle tasks such as feasibility study, requirement specification, project management and so on. These are generic to all projects, but we bring our specialist knowledge of Information Management to bear so that the outcome is just what is needed rather than being generic.

Advice: provision of specialist advice on how to proceed with topics that are particular to Information Management, such as information audits, digital preservation, taxonomies, information governance policies and so on; or independent reviews concerning any of these topics.

Services: we take the lead, or assist in, the development of the instruments needed for the good governance of information, such as policies and procedures.  We can also lead or provide expert support in information cleansing.

Special studies and projects: research projects, development of new models, and anything out of the ordinary that is best entrusted to innovative experts. Please contact us to explore our track record in this area.

A bit more detail is shown below - please click on a heading for more detail. But we can't show it all here; so please contact us if you think we can help – we guarantee to undertake an assignment only if we are confident that we can meet your expectations.

Project-related support



Special studies: click here