For many more downloads about Moreq2 and Moreq2010 see the MoReq Collateral website.  it contains the largest collection of resources concerning MoReq and other electronic records management specifications anywhere.  The resources are drawn from around the world, and are in many languages.  The website is administered on a voluntary basis by Inforesight Limited.


MoReq2 v1.04, editable, in Microsoft Word 1997-2003 format, complete except for the metadata model (see below).  Also available in other in other formats on request.
5.15MB, opens in a new window.

MoReq2 metadata model

MoReq2 v1.04 metadata model (appendix 9 of MoReq2), editable, in Microsoft Word 1997-2003 format. Most users of MoReq2 do not need to refer to this model.  Also available in other formats on request
2.01MB, opens in a new window.

MoReq2 change log

MoReq2 v1.04 Change Log, PDF (only of interest if you need to understand the changes between v1.00 and v1.04).
98kB, opens in a new window.

MoReq2 Testing Framework

The complete MoReq2 Testing Framework in the form of an 8MB zip file.  The zip file contains all the instructions, test scripts, and expected results needed for a MoReq2 test.  This testing framework can be used by anyone, but will be used mostly by software providers who are developing MoReq2-compliant products.

MoReq2 XML Schema

MoReq2 XML schema, in the form of a small zip file containing all the schema documents.  Intended for software developers.

MoReq2 Brochure (European Commission) (English)

Brochure about MoReq2 (from the European Commission) in English.  Brochures containing the same information in all 22 official languages of the European Commission are available free from the Commission's website or on request to Inforesight.
453kB, opens in a new window.