Inforesight was established in February 2009.  As a company we are proud to have worked for over 20 clients in this short time - including 3 of the largest 200 global companies, including smaller companies, and including public sector bodies.  This includes clients in the UK and overseas: in eight nations on four continents.

But corporate experience is not the most important facet of our offering.  Most important is the huge experience of our consultants.  Clients for whom they have worked include:

In the UK:

  • Most government departments.
  • Many government agencies, NDPBs, and other bodies.
  • Local authorities, including most of the 5 largest authorities and many others of all sizes.
  • Parliaments.
  • Banks and other financial institutions, including large "blue-chip" institutions.
  • Pharmaceutical companies.
  • Professional services firms.

Outside the UK:

  • Financial insititutions.
  • Pharmaceutical companies.
  • Supra-national bodies (United Nations, European Commission).
  • Government organisations.
  • National Archives.
  • Trade associations.