We don't just follow standards, we define them.

A core part of our philosophy is a deep involvement in standards-setting. Consultancy experiences provide a positive input to standards-setting, and the detailed understanding of standards and their rationale is invaluable in consulting.

With this in mind, our people have been involved in defining and developing many of the core standards used in information management. These include:

  • BSiBSI BIP 0008 (formerly PD 0008), the BSI Code of Practice on Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically. This Code is the key document used within the UK to guide projects that store information with legal value.
  • e-GMSBSI 10008, the new (2008) British Standard titled Evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information.
  • e-GMS, the UK e-Government Metadata Standard. This defines how UK public sector bodies should label content such as web pages and documents to support better resource location and good governance. We currently are contributing to the e-GMS review Group.
  • MoReq2MoReq, and MoReq2 - the Model Requirements for the management of electronic records, both the original edition and the 2008 edition. This de facto standard, published by the European Commission, is of major importance throughout Europe and beyond.
  • AIIM Trade MemberAIIM training: training programmes in Enterprise Content Management and Electronic Records Management developed for AIIM, and now delivered by AIIM to around 10,000 individuals in dozens of countries around the world. We continue to contribute to AIIM's European Education Advisory Group, and we are an AIIM Trade Member.
  • intellectPublications for the Document Management Group of Intellect, the UK trade association for the technology industry. This includes authorship of a white paper on Migration and major contributions to eight other white papers.
  • DLM-ForumWe are one of the few consultancies that is a member of the DLM Forum; and we are represented on its MoReq Governance Board.

As well as informing our consultancy practice, this involvement in standards setting results in our people being in constant demand to speak at conferences, seminars and other events, in the UK, Europe and USA. Recent and forthcoming speaking events are mentioned on our News page.